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Below are some of the SEO results I have achieved for clients.

There is a bit more to seo than most seo companies and web designers make out. 

Most only tell you what they have read on seo blogs and forums.

I have never read an SEO forum or blog.

Here's the thing, most of the top seo authorities don't event do seo themselves, they just talk about it.

All of my seo experience has come from doing.

In 2003 i gave up a high paying corporate job to start my first online business. I didn't realise it at the time, but SEO was the key to it's success.

Without my website being found on Google I could not succeed.

That's when my seo journey started.

My business struggled for the first 3 years making no money, I even had to get a night job to make ends meet so I could keep working on the business during the day.

I then spent all my spare time learning how to do seo.

I studied the Google algorithm and looked at all the top ranking websites from all over the world to see what they were doing to get found on Google.

I built website after website and applied what I learnt and it soon I sarted to see success.

The SEO formula that I had uncovered worked.

Not long after uncovering the seo formula for ranking websites by business started to boom.

I sold the business in 2009 (it was valued at 1 million dollars)

Over the years I would have built & optimised over 2000 websites of my own and my clients. 

Today I run an SEO company and do seo for clients.

I also run seo training courses face to face and online.

Here is what I know...

SEO is not rocket science - you just need to know what is involved.

My advice is not to listen to what you read on forums or blogs, and even most seo companies and wed designers don't really fully understand what is invovled in doing seo properly.

I needed to know how to do seo, my business need it to succeed.

If you want your business to succeed you can either learn how to do it yourself like I did

or hire me to do your SEO for you.

I don't come cheap, nor am I overly expensive.

I get results, and that is what this game is all about.

Below are just some of the seo results that I have achieved for my own businesses and my clients.

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Builders Cleans Case Study: This client does builders cleans in Melbourne, the type of clean typically used by builders or shop fitters who want to make sure their newly built house, townhouse, apartment or shop is presented to potential buyers or new tenants in the cleanest possible manner.

Target Keyword: Builders Cleans view live google result


Target Keyword: Builders Cleans Melbourne view live google result

Unlike regular domestic home cleaning services, a builders clean often requires a team of cleaners to carry out the job. This type of cleaning service also requires heavy lifting, lots of elbow grease and a high attention to detail.

With all the new properties being built and shops fitted out there is always somone looking for a builders cleaning service in Melbourne. From an seo consultants perspective it made sense that the best keywords to target for this client were "builders cleans" and "builders cleans Melbourne", of which we managed to get them both to rank on the first page.

This client now enjoys a steady flow of leads every day and bookings for builders cleans.



 Access Covers Melbourne




 online marketing consultant





 eyelash extension training




End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne 

 accountants ringwood

 accountants manly












end of lease cleaning








 Fitness Marketing for Gyms



Local SEO Results



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Why Your Website Must Have SEO Friendly URLS

One of the most important SEO ranking factors your website MUST have in place is "SEO Friendly URLS".

If you dont have search engine friendly urls then your website will struggle to rank well on the search results, especially Google.

In the early years of running my first online business (the one i quit my high paying corporate job to start), I never knew about SEO friendly urls. I spent a long time


Tally Ho Finger Food Catering Melbourne

When Tally Ho Catering were referred to me they were looking to take their business to the next level. In order to do so they needed to generate more business.

Fortunately for them generating leads online is my area of expertise.

It has been since 2003 when I gave up a nice six figure corporate job to start my first online business.

In fact online lead generation was one of the skills I mastered q


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