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SEO Consultant Melbourne

STOP your seo company search now! 

Hi, I'm David Lurie - Mr SEO & Online Marketing Consultant

You might have just found the SEO Consultant (Melbourne based), that can help you get your website to page one of Google.

SEO is so important for generating leads to your business. 

You can't just simply rely on Adwords... 

If you want an seo consultant that you can rely on for Honesty, Transparency and Results.

Then I'm your guy... maybe.

Hire me to do your SEO


Below are some of the first page Google results I have acheived for my own and my clients.



Unlike regular domestic home cleaning services, a builders clean often requires a team of cleaners to carry out the job. This type of cleaning service also requires heavy lifting, lots of elbow grease and a high attention to detail.

With all the new properties being built and shops fitted out there is always somone looking for a builders cleaning service in Melbourne. From an seo consultants perspective it made sense that the best keywords to target for this client were "builders cleans" and "builders cleans Melbourne", of which we managed to get them both to rank on the first page.

This client now enjoys a steady flow of leads every day and bookings for builders cleans.






































Hi.. My name is David Lurie, I am a Melbourne SEO consultant with over a 12 years experience in seo and online marketing for small business.

My seo services have contributed to millions of dollars of sales, turnover and profit for hundreds of businesses, including my own.

In 2003 I started my first online business which is soon realised would not be successful without SEO. I contacted an seo company to help me and after I signed a 5k per month seo contract and didn't get any results I decided i needed to learn all I could about search engine optimisation.

I spent the next 3 years and over 10,000 hours learning everything I could about seo and how the search engines ranked websites. I studied and followed all the top online marketing consultants and internet marketing expert. I then began applying what I learnt to my own business.

Within that time I managed to turn what was once an idea into a million dollar a year business, all as a result of SEO.

If you are looking for an SEO Consultant Melbourne based then I might be the guy to help you succeed. I offer a range of seo consulting services and packages to suit most business goals and budgets.

It all starts with getting to know your business and then going away and conducting an in-depth seo analysis. I have access to some very smart seo software that allows me to identify what keywords are most searched in your industry, in particular which keywords are the ones most used when your customers are ready to do business with you.

As an SEO consultant I come across a lot of Melbourne business owners that have been given the wrong advice about what SEO actually is and what is involved. The first thing I do is educate you on the basics of search engine optimisation and how the search engine algorithm works.

Once you understand this then then what I do as part of my seo process all makes sense. You've probably already worked out that as well as providing seo services I also teach other business owners and website marketers how to do their own seo.

I run seo courses and training programs that teach the basics of SEO right through to advanced seo strategies. Yes, I actually reveal all the seo secrets that I have discovered over the past 12 years. Having done so much seo on my own websites and my clients I'm always up to date on what works and what doesn't.

Through my seo consulting services I have helped many business owners go from not knowing where their next lead or customer is coming from to having an endless amount of traffic and leads that convert into sales, all as a result of improving their SEO.

I am an SEO Consultant in Melbourne that speaks PLAIN ENGLISH, not tech talk… I am one that will EXPLAIN EVERYTHING clearly so you can understand what is being done… and most importantly I am an seo consultant that delvers results…

At the end of the day… after all the seo jargon has been spoken… it's all about the results.

If you want to increase your traffic and sales … give me a call.

PS: I don't work with every Tom, Dick and Harry… I only work with clients that understand and respect that I have 12 years experience doing seo and I am a business owner too… like you.

I am not a telesales person, sales rep or web designer pretending he knows how to do SEO.

I am an experienced SEO and online marketing consultant that takes great pride in helping my clients obtain top ranking results on the search engines, especially Google.

If you want help with your website SEO then I can help you.

I offer affordable local SEO packages to small business owners that want their website found on page one of Google.

Contact me for a Free SEO Quote today


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