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Online Marketing Consultant

The term online marketing consultant is used to describe someone who provides strategic online marketing advice or internet marketing services to small business owners.

From my experience helping clients grow their business online and listening to their stories of dealing with other web marketing experts, it has become clear that just because someone calls themselves an online marketing consultant, it doesn't mean they know how to build and grow a business online.

There are alot of people out there who have jumped on the internet marketing bandwagon and are passing themselves off as internet marketing consultants, seo consultants and social media marketing experts who have never ever run their online business or made money from generating leads online.

I've built multiple successful businesses and helped many others grow and build theirs too.

Apart from marketing consulting, my specialty is search engine optimisation and online lead generation strategy development, not web design or web programming. (I employ the best web designers and programmers).

To me, the term "online marketing consultant" implies that the consultant provides strategic advice and ideas of how to grow traffic, leads, sales and profits to a business.

I am finding all too often that my clients have been told by their web designer that he or she is an online marketing consultant and can help them with their online marketing.

They do this to win the business to build or redesign a website, fair enough. Where it all falls apart is when they start spending the clients money on trying to attract new customers from the internet.

In general terms most web designers and not programmers, most programmers are not designers and neither are specialists in internet marketing.

I learnt this the hard way after leaving my six figure corporate sales job, reading Napoleon Hills' "think and grow rich", then taking his advice and selling my house and car to start my first online business.

That was way back in 2003. In those first 2- 3 years I spent a lot of money (wasted a lot of money), with people who said they were "online marketing consultants" who could help me achieve my goals, only to find out down the track they were really just making sure they made some wages for the month.

They just told me what I wanted to hear. It wasn't until I started to gain an understanding of all the components to online marketing and lead generation that It became clear to me that the more I knew about web marketing, web design, programming and online lead generation the more successful I'd become.

My advice to anyone dealing with an online marketing consultant is to find out what they are actually good at... and use them for that service only.

Don't assume that because someone knows how to build a website they know how to help you grow your business online. My web programmer actually got one of my websites penalised by Google doing something he thought was best practice.....

He cost me a lot more than he gets paid!

So buyer beware.....

The solution ...... get educated!

If you are interested ......

Today, as well as running my online marketing consultant and business coaching business, I also run educational workshops and online marketing courses that teach other business owners how to grow their business through best practice online marketing.

The future is coming at us fast.... maybe too fast for some.

You either get educated and gain the knowledge and understanding to be successful online ... or you struggle on, waste money, and continue down the same old path.... The choice is yours!

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