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End of Lease Cleaning

If you are moving out of your rental property and really want to get your bond back then you should seriously consider cleaning yourself. I only say this because I know first hand what most end of lease cleaning companies are all about when it comes to doing an end of lease clean.

The only thing most bond cleaning services care about is how much is the job for and how many bedrooms and lounge rooms there are. The reason for knowing the bedrooms and bathrooms is this will give them an idea of how long the clean will take. If the time plus cash add up them they'll take the job. Oh, did I mention that the office you call to book an end of lease clean is more often than not, that of the cleaner. How do I know this I hear you ask. Well for 10+ years I have been generating 1.2 million dollars of cleaning work per year.

WTF I hear you whisper, 1.2 million.

Yes, that's correct. 1.2 million in cleaning work.

We do all the marketing and generate the leads. Our office answers all the enquiries who provide quotes and book in all the jobs. We have 60+ contractors all over the country who we book jobs for and then charge them a commission.

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