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How to Get More Customers with SEO


In my opinion, SEO is still one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate leads and attract new customers to your business.

Think about it...

If your website comes up at the top of Google when someone does a search actively looking for a business that does what you do...

Then there's a good chance they might click to visit your website.

Which is really what you want to happen right? A prospect searches on Google... your website comes up in the search results ... they visit your website, and you generate a lead.

It's a no brainer really...

I'll spell it out... Exposure = Traffic = Leads = Sales (New Customers)

The problem for most business owners is their websites don't come up on Google when their ideal customers are searching.

If this sounds familiar ... then it's likely that the financial potential of your business is not being reached.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way...

One of the first things you need to do in order to get your website to come up at the top of Google is to gain an understanding what SEO really is...

When I started my first online business back in 2003... I had no clue about SEO... or what was involved.

In order for my business to work I needed my website to be found on Google ...

After getting ripped off one too many times from various seo companies who talked the talk and promised results and never delivered I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands.

I spent years and a lot of money learning everything I could about SEO...

I studied the Google algorithm and built website after website applying what I learnt...

If I added up the time I've invested to date in studying and doing seo I'd say it would be close to 10,000 hours... give or take

The point is...

Until I actually understood exactly what SEO was and what was involved in doing it... I was always at the mercy of the "SEO GUY"

they could tell me anything... and i'd have to believe it... NO WAY HOSAY

I didn't want to be in that situation...

I couldn't afford for my business to fail...

With the knowledge I gained about SEO I got my website to come up at the top of Google for thousands of keywords all over Australia.

Traffic increased... leads increased and I started to make money.

... all thanks to SEO

In 2009 I got an offer to sell the business... which I did.

Because I'd been there and made all the mistakes in the book and managed to overcome all the struggles and obstacles to create a wildly successful business ...other business owners and entrepreneurs started asking me for help.

So with my knowledge about building and growing an online business, Internet marketing , SEO and lead generation I started consulting and provide seo services to other businesses.

I've since built and SEO optimised over thousand websites of my own and my clients... and I've provided strategic advice and coaching to hundreds more.

...and in the last few years I've started teaching other business owners and entrepreneurs how to do SEO for themselves.

At last count over 1500 business owners or entrepreneurs have taken one of my seo courses.

To get your website to come up on Google the first thing you should do is gain a proper understanding of SEO... and what is involved.

Too often I see clients jumping into paying an seo company without having a clue what the seo company is doing..

The seo company promises results... talks with plenty of tech jargon...and fails to deliver results.

yet they happily take your money.

The seo industry is full of pretenders and sharks.... even web designers are telling their clients they can help with with SEO.

and that happens is money is wasted ... time passes and the business suffers.

The fast is SEO is not rocket science.. nor are there any secrets.

SEO just time and effort... testing and measuring... that's it.

Once you know what you need to do... you just go do it... or pay someone to do it.

You shouldn't be paying all this money and then have to sit around hoping and wondering... which is what is goes on for most business owners.

I've invested the time... spent the money and tested and measured the results.

There is a logic to doing SEO.... and an order you should do things in.


Here are the top 10 things you need to do if you want to get your website found on Google so that you can attract more customers to your business.

  1. Understand How Google Works
  2. Learn How to do Keyword Research
  3. Calculate Your "SMP"
  4. Be Able to Identify "RTDB" Keywords v's "JR Keywords"
  5. Build Your Keyword List from Most Searched to Least Searched
  6. Use Your Keyword Intelligence to Set Up Your Page Names & URL Structure
  7. Make Sure Your Page Titles and Page Descriptions Are Set up Correctly
  8. Make Sure Other Important "On Page SEO Elements" Are Implemented Properly
  9. Ensure Your Content is Well Written and Mentions Your Target Keyword/s
  10. Ensure Your Website is Easy for Google to Index and Rank

Believe it or not... these 10 points make up only 20% of how well your site will rank on Google.

But unless you ensure they are implemented properly... your site will struggle to rank no matter what you or anyone does.

Your real results will come from the other 80%.... which is what most people, including 99% of SEO companies don't know how to do.


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