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How to Find a Local Handyman Online

Finding a local handyman to help you with a small odd job or to assemble some new furniture your bought from Ikea or put up a painting you bought from Temple and Webster is now even easier. My Local Handyman is a online portal that connects the local community with reliable, experienced and affordable handyman services.

Before My Local Handyman finding someone to help you with those small or big odd jobs around the house was quite a chore. You either had to post an advert on Gumtree (if you knew how), or wait around for Thursday's paper to arrive. Even then you only got presented with the local handyman services Melbourne Bayside advertisers, so your choice was very limited. 

The only other option was contacting a local tradesman, waiting around until they decided to turn up and then paying top dollar for a service that could of cost you one tenth of what you were charged. Most handyman services provide customers with a lower cost option for all those smaller jobs that most tradesmen hate doing. For example a recent client of mine had a new home extension carried out by a local Bayside Builder.

When it came to building a new fence down the side the builder put in a quote that was four times higher than most of the other local Bayside fencing companies. When asked why their fencing quote was so high the builder said it was a pain in the you know what to build a fence but if they agreed to pay my price it would be well worth it.

So you can quickly see why the owners of My Local Handyman were so keen on launching their idea.

Changing a light bulb is pretty easy but for some people it's not. Imagine an old retired lady getting up on the kitchen stool and swivelling around with one arm in the air changing the kitchen light. Or the stay at home mum whipping down to Bunning’s to get some screws and a new drill bit to put that kitchen door back on its hinge, all whilst nursing a one-year-old baby in her arms.

Now with My Local Handyman anyone can go online and find a local handyman service in their local area within a couple clicks of the mouse. You can make an enquiry and get quotes from multiple handyman service providers and compare them at your leisure to ensure you get the best deal and service.

On the flip side for a small fee local handymen can also list themselves as a provider and start getting work.

As Australia's No 1 Seo guy the owner at My Local Handyman approached me to do all the on page and off page seo for the site - and this blog post is just one of over 50 articles (content marketing pieces) that I have organised to get a link back to the My Local Handyman site.

So what now?

Need a quote for SEO - click here

Need a handyman - click on the word handyman.


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