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Casey Pre Purchase Building Inspections Review

For pre purchase inspections in Melbourne's southeast, Gippsland or Mornington Peninsula give Robert from Casey Building Inspections a call. Robert has plenty of experience when it comes to property inspections having worked as a civil engineer for most of his career. Robert is known for providing high attention to detail building inspection reports to new homebuyers in the Casey, Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula region.

Anyone buying a new home or thinking about bidding at an Auction should really organise a pre purchase property inspection to make sure they home does not have any structural damage that cannot be seen via a standard open for inspection run by a real estate agent.
Most building inspectors use a building inspections app that guides them through the inspection process. Everything from walls, floors, and ceilings, under floors, including the roof is inspected for potential damage.

If you are concerned about possible termite or pest damage to a property you should then think about combining a standard building inspection with a termite pest inspection. If you order both at the same time you'll save yourself a bit of cash.

From my experience dealing with clients over the years in the building inspections industry I've not all are equally qualified or have the same levels of experience. What one building inspector sees the other can easily miss. It's for this reason that you ask as many questions regarding the inspectors experience and qualifications. Someone that used to clean houses now runs a very well known and heavily promoted property inspections company.

At the end of the day it's up to you to ensure that the building inspector that you engage is above board.

Robert from Casey Building Inspections is one such person.

For more information on Casey Building Inspections visit their website or call Robert direct on 0488 339 686.


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