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Coastal Auto Traders Local SEO Strategy Explained

Local SEO Case Study

Client: Coastal Auto Traders

Services Provided: Cash for Cars, Used Car Dealer, Free Car Removals

The Problem: Coastal Auto Traders had always had a great presence in the market through advertising in the local newspaper and in the yellow pages. As the digital era took over Coastal Auto Traders got left behind and as a result, business began to drop. Their cash for cars Newcastle business took a hit and so did the Old Car Removals Central Coast side of the business too.

Over the years Grant (the owner of Coastal Auto Traders) used several digital marketing companies to help him market his business online. He tried Sensis, Melbourne IT, Net Registry, and a few other small SE) & online marketing companies.

One after they other promised results took his money and never delivered. - a familiar story

It wasn't until Grant came across Click Local that he started to gain some confidence in generating leads from the internet, especially Google. The head of SEO and Click Local was and still is David Lurie aka "MR SEO". 

David had been doing SEO from the very early days of Google and was one of the leading pioneers of LOCAL SEO in Australia. Within a few short weeks, Grant saw a huge influx of leads come into his business as a result of the SEO and online marketing David and his team at Click Local implemented.

What David did:

  • Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify the most searched keywords for the used car buying industry. 
  • Totally rebuilt the Coastal Auto Traders website onto the EziWeb website building platform (the worlds most search engine friendly website building platform. This enabled his team to build out search engine friendly pages on SEO friendly URLs that included custom page titles and meta descriptions for every single page of the website. (Not many other website platforms can do this).

  • Incorporated the keyword intelligence into the structure of each page of the website, grouping important keyword phrases and building out "pages for purpose" that focused on those keywords. This strategy alone is one that most SEO agencies FAIL to do and most Web Designers don't even know about.

  • Built out local "GEO-TARGETED" pages that covered the service area for Coastal Auto Traders for all the main keyword phrases that people used to the type of services Coastal Auto Traders offered. GEO-TARGETING is a built-in feature of the EziWeb website building software.

  • Completed the "On Page SEO" for every single page on the website. This is a must if a site is to have any chance of gaining a top ranking on Google.

  • Implemented a strategic human-like link building to be carried out on a monthly basis to build relevant incoming links (votes) to the Coastal Auto Traders website. This meant ensuring that the content that surrounded the incoming link was well written, on topic and useful for the reader.

  • Built out multiple digital assets to increase the footprint of Coastal Auto Traders presence on Google. The more rods in the ocean you have the more fish you catch. The bigger the net you use the more fish you catch.
  • An SEO boost was applied giving the Coastal Auto Traders website a big push up the rankings. We are not allowed to reveal what was involved in David's SEO Boost. (He did say that this is the key difference to ranking No 1 and on the second page or number  6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.


The Result: Coastal Auto Traders now enjoys a dominant online presence on Google that results in heaps of leads being generated each day without them having to pay for every click.

Want the same for your business? Visit www.clicklocal.com.au




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