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How to Find a Local Handyman Online

Finding a local handyman to help you with a small odd job or to assemble some new furniture your bought from Ikea or put up a painting you bought from Temple and Webster is now even easier. My Local Handyman is a online portal that connects the local community with reliable, experienced and affordable handyman services.

Before My Local Handyman finding someone to help you with those small or big odd jobs around the house was quite a chore. You either had to post an advert on Gumtree (if you knew how), or wait around for Thursday's paper to arrive. Even then you only got presented with the local handyman services Melbourne Bayside advertisers, so your choice was very limited. 

The only other option was contacting a local tradesman, waiting around until they decided to turn up and then paying top dollar for a service that could of cost you one tenth of what you were charged. Most handyman services provide customers with a lower cost option for all those smaller jobs that most tradesmen hate doing. For example a recent client of mine had a new home extension carried out by a local Bayside Builder.

When it came to building a new fence down the side the builder put in a quote that was four times higher than most of the other local Bayside fencing companies. When asked why their fencing quote was so high the builder said it was a pain in the you know what to build a fence but if they agreed to pay my price it would be well worth it.

So you can quickly see why the owners of My Local Handyman were so keen on launching their idea.

Changing a light bulb is pretty easy but for some people it's not. Imagine an old retired lady getting up on the kitchen stool and swivelling around with one arm in the air changing the kitchen light. Or the stay at home mum whipping down to Bunning’s to get some screws and a new drill bit to put that kitchen door back on its hinge, all whilst nursing a one-year-old baby in her arms.

Now with My Local Handyman anyone can go online and find a local handyman service in their local area within a couple clicks of the mouse. You can make an enquiry and get quotes from multiple handyman service providers and compare them at your leisure to ensure you get the best deal and service.

On the flip side for a small fee local handymen can also list themselves as a provider and start getting work.

As Australia's No 1 Seo guy the owner at My Local Handyman approached me to do all the on page and off page seo for the site - and this blog post is just one of over 50 articles (content marketing pieces) that I have organised to get a link back to the My Local Handyman site.

So what now?

Need a quote for SEO - click here

Need a handyman - click on the word handyman.


Why Your Website Must Have SEO Friendly URLS

One of the most important SEO ranking factors your website MUST have in place is "SEO Friendly URLS".

If you dont have search engine friendly urls then your website will struggle to rank well on the search results, especially Google.

In the early years of running my first online business (the one i quit my high paying corporate job to start), I never knew about SEO friendly urls. I spent a long time and a lot of money with various seo companies trying to get my website to rank well on the search engines.

It wasn't until I had a chance meeting with an experienced SEO consultant that I learnt about SEO Friendly URLS and the importance of them.

The moment I updated my website with seo friendly urls (my programmer did it for me), everything started to change.

Within a few weeks of updating my website with SEO friendly URLS the website started to rank on Google. It was like someone opened the floodgates as the leads and sales started flowing in like never before.

As my knowledge about SEO grew so did my business.

Over the years other business and website owners have come to me for advice about search engine optimisation and help with improving their website ranking on Google.

One of the first things I always ask is "Does your website have SEO friendly URLS ?"

Here are some tips when creating SEO Friendly URLS

  1. Use a target keyword or prhase in your URL. The more specific you can be with your URL the easier it is for Google and other search engines to work out what your web page is about. Remember, when building a website all your pages need to be structured in an easy to understand manner. I call this "building pages with purpose".

  2. Keep your URLS as short as possible. You don't want to be creating long urls as they are hard for Google and the website visitor to make sense of. Don't try and stuff random keywords into your URLS either, this is an old school seo tactic that Google frowns upon and penalises. The best thing to do is to name the URL using as many words as you need to describe the page that the web page is about.

  3. Avoid using code or numbers in your URL. Google looks at everything on a web page to work out what the page is about so it can index it and rank it in the most appropriate position on the search results. If you use code or symbols in your URL the robots will become confused as to what your page is about. This then will affect how well your page ranks on the search results.

  4. Use dashes instead of underscores. It's best practice to use dashes to separate words in your URLs rather than underscores. Most search engines, especially Google find it easier to read words that have dashes rather than underscores. Make sure you separate all unique words in your URLS too, don't let words run into each other as they are too hard to read and make sense of from a search engine users point of view.

  5. Don't use "a" or "the" in your URLS. There is no need to use letters like "a" or words like "the" in your URLs, Google won't take notice of them anyway. Just write your URL as you would say it then strip out any unnesseccasry letters or words.


There are over 200 factors that you need to be aware of when it comes to best practice SEO. However some SEO factors carry more weight than others, I call these The SEO Essentials.





Casey Pre Purchase Building Inspections Review

For pre purchase inspections in Melbourne's southeast, Gippsland or Mornington Peninsula give Robert from Casey Building Inspections a call. Robert has plenty of experience when it comes to property inspections having worked as a civil engineer for most of his career. Robert is known for providing high attention to detail building inspection reports to new homebuyers in the Casey, Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula region.

Anyone buying a new home or thinking about bidding at an Auction should really organise a pre purchase property inspection to make sure they home does not have any structural damage that cannot be seen via a standard open for inspection run by a real estate agent.
Most building inspectors use a building inspections app that guides them through the inspection process. Everything from walls, floors, and ceilings, under floors, including the roof is inspected for potential damage.

If you are concerned about possible termite or pest damage to a property you should then think about combining a standard building inspection with a termite pest inspection. If you order both at the same time you'll save yourself a bit of cash.

From my experience dealing with clients over the years in the building inspections industry I've not all are equally qualified or have the same levels of experience. What one building inspector sees the other can easily miss. It's for this reason that you ask as many questions regarding the inspectors experience and qualifications. Someone that used to clean houses now runs a very well known and heavily promoted property inspections company.

At the end of the day it's up to you to ensure that the building inspector that you engage is above board.

Robert from Casey Building Inspections is one such person.

For more information on Casey Building Inspections visit their website or call Robert direct on 0488 339 686.


Tally Ho Finger Food Catering Melbourne

When Tally Ho Catering were referred to me they were looking to take their business to the next level. In order to do so they needed to generate more business.

Fortunately for them generating leads online is my area of expertise.

It has been since 2003 when I gave up a nice six figure corporate job to start my first online business.

In fact online lead generation was one of the skills I mastered quite early on.

I had to... otherwise my business wouldn't have succeeded as well as it did.

For most business owners and entrepreneurs trying to grow and build a business,  "lead generation" is the key to their success.

Without phone calls and email enquiries coming in you cannot make sales.

No sales... no money!

This was the problem for Tally Ho.

They had a legacy client base and some lead coming in, but not enough to take the business to the next level.

One of the first things I did with them was look at what marketing strategies they had in place.

Again, like many business owners they really didn't have a lead generation strategy.

Putting an advert in the local paper, on Yellow Pages or setting up a Facebook page are not what I call smart lead marketing or lead generation strategies.

They are what I call hope based marketing or advertising.


How to Get More Customers with SEO


In my opinion, SEO is still one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate leads and attract new customers to your business.

Think about it...

If your website comes up at the top of Google when someone does a search actively looking for a business that does what you do...

Then there's a good chance they might click to visit your website.

Which is really what you want to happen right? A prospect searches on Google... your website comes up in the search results ... they visit your website, and you generate a lead.

It's a no brainer really...

I'll spell it out... Exposure = Traffic = Leads = Sales (New Customers)

The problem for most business owners is their websites don't come up on Google when their ideal customers are searching.

If this sounds familiar ... then it's likely that the financial potential of your business is not being reached.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way...

One of the first things you need to do in order to get your website to come up at the top of Google is to gain an understanding what SEO really is...

When I started my first online business back in 2003... I had no clue about SEO... or what was involved.

In order for my business to work I needed my website to be found on Google ...

After getting ripped off one too many times from various seo companies who talked the talk and promised results and never delivered I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands.

I spent years and a lot of money learning everything I could about SEO...

I studied the Google algorithm and built website after website applying what I learnt...

If I added up the time I've invested to date in studying and doing seo I'd say it would be close to 10,000 hours... give or take

The point is...

Until I actually understood exactly what SEO was and what was involved in doing it... I was always at the mercy of the "SEO GUY"

they could tell me anything... and i'd have to believe it... NO WAY HOSAY

I didn't want to be in that situation...

I couldn't afford for my business to fail...

With the knowledge I gained about SEO I got my website to come up at the top of Google for thousands of keywords all over Australia.

Traffic increased... leads increased and I started to make money.

... all thanks to SEO

In 2009 I got an offer to sell the business... which I did.

Because I'd been there and made all the mistakes in the book and managed to overcome all the struggles and obstacles to create a wildly successful business ...other business owners and entrepreneurs started asking me for help.

So with my knowledge about building and growing an online business, Internet marketing , SEO and lead generation I started consulting and provide seo services to other businesses.

I've since built and SEO optimised over thousand websites of my own and my clients... and I've provided strategic advice and coaching to hundreds more.

...and in the last few years I've started teaching other business owners and entrepreneurs how to do SEO for themselves.

At last count over 1500 business owners or entrepreneurs have taken one of my seo courses.

To get your website to come up on Google the first thing you should do is gain a proper understanding of SEO... and what is involved.

Too often I see clients jumping into paying an seo company without having a clue what the seo company is doing..

The seo company promises results... talks with plenty of tech jargon...and fails to deliver results.

yet they happily take your money.

The seo industry is full of pretenders and sharks.... even web designers are telling their clients they can help with with SEO.

and that happens is money is wasted ... time passes and the business suffers.

The fast is SEO is not rocket science.. nor are there any secrets.

SEO just time and effort... testing and measuring... that's it.

Once you know what you need to do... you just go do it... or pay someone to do it.

You shouldn't be paying all this money and then have to sit around hoping and wondering... which is what is goes on for most business owners.

I've invested the time... spent the money and tested and measured the results.

There is a logic to doing SEO.... and an order you should do things in.


Here are the top 10 things you need to do if you want to get your website found on Google so that you can attract more customers to your business.

  1. Understand How Google Works
  2. Learn How to do Keyword Research
  3. Calculate Your "SMP"
  4. Be Able to Identify "RTDB" Keywords v's "JR Keywords"
  5. Build Your Keyword List from Most Searched to Least Searched
  6. Use Your Keyword Intelligence to Set Up Your Page Names & URL Structure
  7. Make Sure Your Page Titles and Page Descriptions Are Set up Correctly
  8. Make Sure Other Important "On Page SEO Elements" Are Implemented Properly
  9. Ensure Your Content is Well Written and Mentions Your Target Keyword/s
  10. Ensure Your Website is Easy for Google to Index and Rank

Believe it or not... these 10 points make up only 20% of how well your site will rank on Google.

But unless you ensure they are implemented properly... your site will struggle to rank no matter what you or anyone does.

Your real results will come from the other 80%.... which is what most people, including 99% of SEO companies don't know how to do.


The Global Beauty Group

The Global Beauty Group are regarded as Australia’s premier beauty and aesthetics equipment provider, The Global Beauty Group have been determined to go above and beyond the expectations of an equipment supplier from the outset.

They have firmly staked their place as a leading influence and voice in the global aesthetics market and they credit their continued growth and success to the implementation of a set of core values that have played an important part in the company since its conception in 2011.

These values are encompassed by their simple, yet powerful primary goal – to make people feel wonderful. CEO and co-founder Kane Hammond is certainly not shy about the company’s aspirations, “Every day we strive to be regarded by salon, spa, clinic and practice owners as the No. 1 Aesthetic and Medical Grade Devices and Skincare Company in the world.” He notes that upon analysing the market, it was clear as day that the beauty technology and aesthetics industry needed a revolutionary step forward.

“There was a vast gap in the market for beauty technology that provided not just an innovative and high quality product, but a holistic standard of customer service and ongoing support and development,” he continues, “We don’t want to just sell you a great product and say ‘see you later’ – we want to set your business up for success. We want to show you how you can get the most out of the ever-growing beauty industry and make it work for you.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of aesthetics, but not everyone can do it on their own. That’s why we are here.” The Global Beauty Group has moved in leaps and bounds for a relatively young company. In the eyes of CEO and co-founder Kane, it’s all down to the people. “

Our team is a strong collective of Australian based professionals who all share the same passion and enthusiasm for the aesthetics industry.”

From the industry expert qualified trainers and sales managers to the marketing and technical support team, right through to the equally vital warehousing team, everyone plays their part and is the best at what they do.

Whatever aspect of beauty technology you are looking to integrate into your business, from the latest innovations in microdermabrasion to a multi-service IPL machine, The Global Beauty Group provide constructive advice and transition you smoothly and confidently into using your new technology.

One major perk of partnering with The Global Beauty Group means that you will be provided with a hands-on training program, complete with an expert trainer, for each and every device that you invest in. Kane feels it’s important to emphasise that “non-surgical aesthetics is a highly skilled field that requires in-depth training, education and ongoing support even after you get up and running.

If you want to give your business the best chance of success moving forward, then it’s a good idea to find a beauty equipment technology partner that represents all of these qualities.”

He simply adds, “The difference is amazing"..

The Global Beauty Group has a very strong digital focus not only for attracting new business leads, but to communicate with it's clients and the wider beauty community. Search engine optimisation is one of the ways in which the TGBG promotes their business. The more content they can get found by potential new clients the better.

Decor8 Curtains, Blinds and Shutters Melbourne

One of my old clients Decor8 Curtains, Blinds & Shutters rang me out of the blue the other day to ask me if I could help him generate more leads for his curtains and blinds supply and installation business. 

At first I was a little surprised.... but then as I listened to him explain his current situation things started to become a lot clearer to me.

His current web design company who claimed to be able to help him with his SEO and online lead generation simply wasn't delivering what they promised.

He called me up because for 3.5 years I had been sending him leads via some of the curtain and blinds websites i'd built and done the SEO for.

The websites I built were based on my Online Real Estate Profits Business Model which make up one of my multiple income streams.

He was the exclusive advertiser on those sites and got heaps of leads and made a lot of money as a result.

....until he cancelled his advertising agreement.

The phone call made me curious as i hadn't really taken notice of the curtains and blinds Melbourne industry for a long time, not since I did the initial keyword research for the niche back in 2009. 

Me being me I coudn't help myself. I had to know what were the top performing, most searched keywords when people were looking for information on curtains, blinds and plantation shutters in Melbourne. 

Did they all search at a city level using prhases such as "curtains and blinds Melbourne" or "plantation shutters Melbourne" or did they use search phrases that were more local seo orientated like "curtains Doncaster", "curtains and blins Melbourne East" ? 

I had to find out...

So as I do for every new client I did the keyword research to find out what words, prhases and search strings where the most popular, and also to find high profit opportunity long tail keywords with minimal competition.

Here is what I found...

I was gob smackd at how much the cost per click for words like blinds Melbourne and curtains Melbourne had gone up. I remembered them being around the $1.50 - $2.00 mark only a few years back. 

And the cost per click for anything to do with plantation shutters had also risen significantly.

That's a lot of money to pay just for a click to your website for keywords like "plantation shutters Melbourne", "window shutters Melbourne " and "roller shutters Melbourne". No wonders small business owners find marketing on Google hard and confusing.

This is why seo is so important and needs to be part of every small business owners online marketing strategy.

I quickly realised that maybe there were other past clients who were experiencing something similar.

I hear it every day...

Web designers claiming to be SEO and online marketing experts....

SEO companies promising page 1 Google results in 12 months or you don't pay...

and kids straight out of uni or anyone with some basic knowledge on how to set up a Wordpress website putting themsevles out there as "web marketing experts".

No wonder small business owners are confused!


The good news is a lot of my old clients are coming back to me because they realise that I know how to do SEO and can get results.

They know I can help them generate leads to their business.

How does the saying go...

You don't know what you have lost until it's gone.....

If you are paying a lot on Google Adwords and not getting the return on investment you thought you would, or would like, then SEO is the the way to go.

I can help you set up an SEO campaign that gets your website to the top of the search results for a whole range of keywords that your customers use to find your products or services online.


How to Boost SEO Rankings with Multi Domain Manager

You have probably never heard of Multi Domain Manger before, and for good reason, It never used to exist. Like most things born out of necessity, the same principle applied to Multi Domain Manger or MDM as I have since nick-named it.

Before I explain to you what MDM is..

First let me tell you a bit about how it all came about.

For those of you that don't know me... my name is David Lurie and I have been a full time internet marketer and online business owner since 2004.

In 2004 I started my first online business and by the time I sold it in 2009 it had grown into into a million dollar a year business. Not long after selling it I then invested some of the profits into over 8000 domain names. Why you may ask?


For those of you that are familiar with the Google algorithm you would know that in late 2008/ 2009 you could literally launch a website on a keyword domain one day, and then a few days later your website would be at the top of Google.

Because I had been doing local search marketing since 2004, I was one of the very first internet marketers in Australia to realise the value of keyword domains and invest heavily in them.

For example, in 2009 if you typed in a keyword search such as "driveways Melbourne", the first result you would see was one of my sites www.drivewaysmelbourne.net.au. If you were a business in the driveways industry you'd be pretty interested in the traffic and leads that from that site right?... Sure you would.

I know things are different now with Google and how it ranks keyword domains, but with the right SEO in place I think they are still very valuable assets to own....

I early 2009 I literally did the keyword research on the whole Yellow Pages and bought over eight thousand local keyword domains, I bought the best ones for each local niche and industry. You name it and I've probably still got it in my keyword domain portfolio.

With the power and ranking speed of keyword domains, I built up a small sales team that phoned any business with a quarter size advert or bigger in the Yellow Pages to try and sell them a first page Google ranked website.

The sell was pretty easy actually... it went something like this:

Sales Person: Do you want your business ranked at the top of Google in the Organic Search Results where over 75% of the click through traffic goes? Do you want to be the only business listed on the site so that you receive all the leads and phone calls exclusively?

Business Owner: Yes

It really was as simple as that.... I mean what business owner wouldn't want their business ranked at the top of Google when someone typed in the most searched keyword that people use to find them?

Not too many... and that's what happened... Pre Built, Pre Ranking keyword domain websites were being sold and snapped up ... but not quick enough for my liking.

My real issue at the time was speed.... I couldn't build sites quick or easy enough using WordPress. For me to make money online fast, I needed a faster, better way to build and launch websites.

I knew WordPress back to front and I still use it today for some sites BUT it wasn't ideal for me to manage multiple sites, build sites quickly or change and edit sites as fast and efficiently as I needed to. I worked it out that If I were to continue on building sites using WordPress going at the speed I was... it was going to take 33 years to build websites on all of my 8000+ domain names.

So I built my own system.... Multi Domain Manger

With MDM anyone can build and manage multiple great looking websites without any web design experience or technical knowledge.

It was MDM that allowed me to employ someone without any prior web building experience to build websites for me.

It was this system that enabled me personally to build over 2000 websites and get them ranked on Google.

As more and more websites got built on Multi Domain Manager people started to ask me how I was able to build and manage so many websites.

I soon realised that what I have developed over the years was in fact an "In Demand Product" ...

Imagine a system that enables you to build not one site... but as many sites as you like... all from the one console and all without the need to have any web design experience or technical knowledge.

In early 2013 I decided to revamp the MDM system and make it available to other small business owners and internet marketers, and now today Multi Domain Manager is the backbone to many online marketing strategies.

Take for instance the Global Beauty Group ... they use MDM to run 6 different websites...each promoting a different product or service. With my SEO Coaching and MDM they now rank for many of most searched keywords in their industry.. all thanks to Multi Domain Manager.

Another client of mine now runs 20+ sites on MDM and with a little help from my SEO Training Academy they have applied the knowledge the learnt about best practice SEO, and they now rank all over page one of Google.

A small business owner has just launched his first site using MDM - Nissan Patrol Parts, to promote his 4x4 wreckers business which specialises in selling and sourcing used parts for Nissan Patrols.

Think MDM might be for you?

Multi Domain Manager is best suited for ;

A business owner who owns multiple domains names and wants to build websites on them so they can increase their online exposure and generate more traffic and leads to their business.

Someone that owns lots of domains and wants an easy way to build websites on them without needing and web design experience or technical knowledge.

A business owner that understands the value of "multiple online exposure" and knows that by having access to the right tools and technology they can fast-track their growth and dominate their niche.

Internet marketers who know how to monetize websites and website traffic but need a fast, efficient way of building great looking, high converting websites without the cost usually associated.

Regardless of how many websites you run or want to run you are going to need to make sure they rank well on the search engines. Learning and understanding how to do Search engine optimisation really is the key to being successful online... or at least not having to rely on paid traffic to generate sales.

Want to learn How to Do SEO the Right Way? Then you should check out my Fast-Track SEO Training Program.

The Importance of Local SEO for Small Business

The search engines are constantly improving their algorithms in order to provide the most relevant results to their users, and one of the most important aspects of this is targeting results based on geographical location.

With over 50% of all online searches conducted online being local searches, making sure that your website shows up in local search results on Google is what you should be striving to achieve.

How can you expect to generate leads and attract customers to your business if people cannot find your website?

With mobile Internet usage rapidly growing, the emphasis on adapting your website structure and content for local search resutls is something that you cannot afford to ignore, regardless of what type of business you are.

As one of the early pioneers of local seo in Australia, I've not only experienced the benefits of local seo with my own businesses, I've also helped hundreds of my clients realise and reap the benefits of local seo too.

The search engines are getting considerably more advanced every year, and local search results are becoming more relevant. At the highest level, Google provides results based on the version of the website the user visits.

For example, if you use google.com.au, then the results are more likely to be orientated towards an Australian audience. However, Google also delivers results which are relevant to a specific locality based on the IP address of the user.

Google, among other search engines, can determine your approximate location by using this data. However, people may also want to search for local businesses in an area where they aren't located when they are actually searching.

In this case, they may specify the name of a city or county, and this information will always override Google's guesses based on IP address and other factors.

The answer to this is simple - if your business sells products or services a particualr geographical location or service area then you are going to need to pay attention to local SEO.

For example; if you are a tree removal company in Melbourne that services every suburb you would want your website found for searches such as;

  • "tree removal Melbourne" - (city level)
  • "tree removal Melbourne East" (regional level)
  • "tree removal Brighton" (suburb level)

The above are all examples of local searches wich make up over 50% of all online searches.

It makes sense doesn't it. 

If you were looking for someone to hire a skip bin from or a hairdresser to cut your hair you would most likely start your search with what you are looking for and where, which in most cases would be the suburb you live or work in.

FACT: You are 7 X more likely to win the business from someone who searches at a local level compared to someone that does a top level search.

Top Level based searches make up the other 50% of searches conducted online.

In a lot of cases top level based searches end up becoming local searches anyway. If a user types in a top level search they usually tend to get results from all over the place and to get more accurate results the next logical step is for them to go back and localise their search.

If you are a local business such as an accountant, lawyer, personal trainer, hairdresser, locksmith or home cleaner and you want to attract customers from a defined geographical area, then you must invest in local seo.

So What is Local SEO and How do you Do it?

SEO is not about trying to cheat the search engines into increasing your exposure. The most effective SEO techniques are also the most ethical - they help Google and other search engines to rank your content appropriately and ensure that your website appears in the most relevant search results. Needless to say, this is also very useful for your potential customers and website visitors.

You may theoretically be able to attract more visitors to your website by focusing primarily on general SEO, but your conversion rate will be much lower. Remember, you are ultimately looking for customers for your business and not just website traffic.

There is also less work involved in conducting local SEO, since you will only have to focus on a specific set of keywords in a geographic market compared rather than a whole city or country.

Additionally, there won't be as much competition. If your online marketing campaign is focused towards a local audience, your website will outrank your competitors and you will generate more leads and make more sales.

FREE Things You Can Do to Improve Your Local SEO Results & Website Visibilty Online

There are a whole bunch of things you can do to increase your chances of your website being found on local search results.

First things first, every business should register with Google My Business. It doesn't cost anything, and it enables your business to appear on Google Maps on both computers and mobile devices. 

Google My Business has replaced what used to be known as "Google places".

As part of my local seo service, I help business owner claim and verify their listing with Google My Business.

There are a few tricks and secrets you'll need to know to optimise your local maps listing so that you appear at the top.

You'll also want to get listed on a few high authority local directories to give your website an SEO Boost. Don't listen to the fools who think that by listing on a million spammy directories that it's doing you any favours. It isn't and is very stupid.

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