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Hi my name is David Lurie, I demystify SEO and Online Marketing for small business owners.

In 2003 I sold my house, my car and quit my high paying corporate job to start my first online business.

In those early days I knew nothing about search engine optimisation,

I thought all you had to do was find someone who did and all your problems would be solved.

How wrong was I....

In 2004 I signed up to an SEO contract at $5000,00 per month for 12 months (can you imagine that... i was just a start up)

Can you imagine that... spending 5k per month for a start up on SEO!

Not long afer signing up to that seo service I ran out of money and had to get a job working as a gaming machine attendant at night so I could keep working on my business during the day.

I realised that for me to be successful and get my website to the top of Google I had to gain the knowledge and skills myself.

For the next 3 years I invested more than 10,000 hours learning how to build websites, how to do SEO and online marketing. I studied and followed some of the top internet marketers around the world and each day I would apply what I was learning to my business. 

It wasn't until my website finally started to rank at the top of Google that my business started to take off.

Thanks to my understanding of SEO and online marketing was I able to ensure that everytime someone did a search on Google that my website came up number one.

By 2008 I had managed to build my idea into a million dollar a year business.

If it were not for me taking control and learning how to do seo (search engine optimisation), I would not have been able to acheive the success I did. In 2009 I recevied an offer that I couldn't refuse and sold the business.

Today I demistify SEO and Online marketing so that other business owners can understand how to get their website to the top of the search engines for the keywords and prhases that their customers use.

I offer local seo packages and provide seo services and I also teach others how to do their own seo via face to face seo training courses and online.

I hope you find the information on my site useful and I wish you all the best in growing your business online.


David Lurie





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